Our School Design


Lady Liberty Academy Charter School serves students in grades K - 8.  Lady Liberty Academy Charter School believes in the development of the whole child and the inclusion of their families in the implementation of best practices at our school. We begin our school day with a nutritious breakfast for students followed by morning meeting activities that allow students an opportunity to share and bond with classmates and staff.   All students then move into lesson blocks in one of the academic core areas of math, ELA, science, and/or social studies. In the middle school, there is an A/B schedule, designed to accommodate all academic core content areas before the lunch periods begin.



We believe that high quality instruction is essential to ensuring that all students receive the best educational experience possible.  With that said, Lady Liberty Academy has established and implements standard expectations regarding what students are expected to learn, what students are learning, how teachers implement our instructional model, and what high-quality teaching looks like both in and outside of the traditional classroom setting.  We call this the Lady Liberty Academy “Model Classroom.” Our "Model Classroom" helps us to ensure that our curriculum, instruction and assessments are grounded in culturally responsive practices that best engage all students, while preparing them for a multicultural world. Individual student needs are consistently reviewed in order to assure student success and assess teacher effectiveness. 



Technology plays a large part in the instructional practices of the school. Each student in grades 3 - 8 have access to a Chromebook at any moment in the day, and all teachers have an Aquos board in the classroom to engage the students in activities that utilize the internet and other technological resources.  Students in grades K - 2 also have access to Chromebooks, and teachers are encouraged to incorporate keyboarding and the use of technology in their classrooms on a regular basis. 



All students also receive weekly instruction in special subject areas such as technology, visual arts, performing arts, health, and physical education.  We call this portion of our day L.E.A.D. (Literacy, Engineering, Arts, and Design). The L.E.A.D. program focuses on three areas of study linked to the New Jersey Core Standards and emphasizes the use of cross curricular lessons in literacy, math, science, and history. Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by showcasing original creations and performances through all forms of art. Additionally, one day a month has been designated as Super S.T.E.A.M. Wednesday. Throughout the school students will be exposed to science/technology/engineering/arts/mathematics careers, participate in S.T.E.A.M.-related activities and field trips, and delve deeper into S.T.E.A.M.-related academics.   



All K-5 classrooms are staffed with a teacher and a teaching assistant, who is also a licensed substitute teacher. We believe that having in-house substitute teachers who are teaching assistants will help us in continuing rigorous instruction when classroom teachers are absent on any given day. We also have an expanded physical education and health program that includes two teachers. We believe that this allows for the incorporation of more movement and team-building efforts throughout the school.


Because we believe that school culture and climate is important to the success of our community, we have implemented a rigorous support system that includes a School Principal; 2 Assistant Principals; and 2 Dean of Students. We also employ a School Nurse to ensure the physical needs of students are met; a Special Populations Coordinator who works to support the needs of special education students, ESL students, and students in transition; a School Guidance Counselor; a Parent and Community Engagement Coordinator; and a full-time Attendance and Truancy monitor.